Our Fellowship Program

Annual Summit
GPEL is unique in that we are investing in the next generation of LGBTQ human rights leaders from around the world. We are dedicated to uniting these leaders in a shared experience of simultaneous learning and teaching. Fellows will attend an annual summit at the beginning of their fellowship to meet members of their cohort and participate in trainings, dialogue, discussions, and sharing as opposed to long lectures by established experts. Participants will be encouraged to share their own expertise as they learn valuable skills that will equip them to lead organizations, communicate with lawmakers, and provide grassroots advocacy to help create a more welcoming community for LGBTQ individuals. This can come in a number of ways. Whether it is working to end workplace discrimination, bans on same-sex marriage, or by eliminating violence against trans and queer people, all of these efforts create a world that is safer and freer for LGBTQ people.

Fellowship Project
To build upon their skills training and dialogue at the Annual Summit, fellows will be divided into groups, regionally or thematically, to design and implement a project that will highlight the work of our fellows and move the LGBTQ human rights movement forward. The process of the bringing this project to fruition is of utmost importance, allowing our fellows to remain in regular communication with one another, continue their learning and training, and solidify their network with one another while receiving support from GPEL staff. Each group will receive additional intensive training halfway through their fellowship year in-region. 

The fellowship year will culminate in a presentation of their projects to one another, GPEL staff, prospective donors, and incoming fellows at the Annual Summit. Fellows, both outgoing and incoming, will have the opportunity to network with one another before the incoming cohort begins their initial training. In this way, the Fellowship program builds a robust network of LGBTQ activists worldwide that will serve as a resource, support system, and place where emerging LGBTQ human rights activists can exchange ideas, collaborate, and socialize as they work together to dismantle heterosexim, eradicate cisnormativity, and destroy all forms of discrimination against sexual minorities worldwide. It will also act as the foundation for our mentorship program in later years.  


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