The Supreme Court of the United States rules in favor of marriage equality nationwide!
June 26, 2015

Today we celebrate a long fought for and hard won win for marriage equality in the United States. We are thrilled that the U.S. can now fully join those nations around the world who have already recognized that LGBTQ couples are equal in their rights to our heterosexual counterparts. We know that marriage equality in the U.S., and elsewhere around the globe is not the end to the struggle for full LGBTQ liberation. However, today we celebrate because it is a milestone and it does bestow dignity on those couples who choose to be married, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. This is a milestone that we hope will open the door to passing full LGBTQ human rights recognitions into codified law around the world. We have used marriage as a tool to open people's hearts and minds, now let's use it as tool to perfect our societies so that we in LGBTQ community are able to fully recognize our human rights.

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